SKU : 10018821-4601-EF

Exclusive Maroon Sequence Embroidery with pure Digital Dupatta Unstitched Salwar Suit


FABRIC SPECIFICATIONS & THEIR MEASUREMENTS – Top Fabric Georgette with embroidery with back embroidery with extra sleeves embroidery with inner(length 2.5 meters).
Bottom Fabric emi crepe with pure chinon sequence embroidery (length 3 meters).
Dupatta is pure digital exclusive dup(length 2.25 meters).
This is unstitched fabric for women can be stitched to any size.

Exclusive sequence embroidery with pure digital dupatta refers to a type of embroidery design that is created using digital techniques and is featured on a dupatta, which is a long scarf worn by women in South Asia over the head and shoulders. The term “pure digital” may refer to the fact that the embroidery design is created entirely using digital techniques, rather than being hand-embroidered or using a combination of digital and traditional techniques


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