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Olive Pure Cotton Bandhani /Bandhej Suta Work Unstitched Salwar Suit


Cotton Bandhani with lucknowi Suits embroidery and Zari Sutta embroidery work is a traditional Indian textile art form that involves the use of cotton fabric, intricate designs, and skilled embroidery techniques.

Cotton Bandhani is a type of hand-block printed fabric that features vibrant colors and patterns. The Lokow Suits embroidery refers to the use of intricate embroidery patterns and techniques to create beautiful designs on the fabric. Zari Sutta embroidery, on the other hand, is the use of fine metallic threads in gold or silver to create detailed patterns on the fabric.

Top: Pure cotton Bandhani with suta Embroidery
               ( 2.50 Mtrs )
Dup: Pure Bandhani Dupatta
               ( 2.30 Mtrs)
Bot : Pure Cotton solid
                 ( 2.70 Mtrs)


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